Who We Are

As a ministry of the ELCA with faith and finance at its core, the Mission Investment Fund aspires to be a premier financial services choice for ELCA ministries, partners and church members.


  • Lending to ELCA congregations, synods and related ministries, 
  • Providing a vehicle for ELCA congregations, synods, related ministries and individuals to invest in the work of this church, and
  • Providing advisory services in support of financial stewardship, development and sustainability of this church.


The Mission Investment Fund serves the mission and goals of the ELCA in all of its expressions.

ELCA congregations and ministries are pursuing and achieving their mission.


We are guided by values that are rooted in our Christian faith, Lutheran traditions, and our identity as a ministry of the ELCA. These values will guide decisions, operations, customer service and relationships and also represent the standards of conduct for our employees and board.

Integrity—Everyone we serve and work with will experience us as ethical, honest, reliable and consistent.

Prudent management of resources—We are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us and will ensure those resources expand and enhance the capacity of this church to further God’s mission.

Transparency and accountability—We are open, transparent and accountable in our customer service and relationships, as well as in management and governance.

Diversity and inclusion—We respect differences among people and institutions of the church and oppose discrimination in any form. Diversity will be evident in our customer base, staff and Board of Trustees.

Excellence—We strive to be a customer-focused financial institution committed to a 
culture of quality, learning and continuous improvement.