Our Program

Professional coaching, guidance and stewardship principles are hallmarks of the MIF Capital Campaign Services program.  Here are the foundations of the program.

To start, your MIF Capital Campaign consultant will spend time learning about your congregation, your needs, ministry vision and goals.  Over a two-month period, your consultant will work with your campaign team to lay the groundwork for an effective campaign. Congregational leaders will be trained for their roles, and key elements of your campaign will be determined.

For a planning and kickoff weekend, your consultant will be onsite, meeting with the leadership team, providing materials, training, and walking through the campaign plan and timeline. Your consultant will preach to kick off the campaign theme and purpose at Sunday worship.

During this multi-week phase, the congregation will be focused on the ministry vision and campaign purpose.  The message will be delivered via sermons, mailings, social media, small group conversations and more.

Your consultant will join you on-site for Commitment Sunday to preach and invite members to support the appeal and ministry vision. 

There may be others beyond your congregation’s worship attendees who should be included in the appeal. Your consultant will provide follow-up training and guidance for the duration of the entire campaign. 

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