Connecting with MIF during COVID-19

The Mission Investment Fund is committed to providing our customers with continuing service during the coronavirus pandemic. We also remain committed to the health and welfare of our customers, staff members, ELCA colleagues and communities.  Just as many other businesses are doing these days, we are temporarily closing our service lobby and limiting our hours of operation.
MIF understands the extraordinary situations many congregations, ministries and individuals are facing at this time.  We will work with you to discuss your unique needs, and we are prepared to offer assistance.


Read the CEO's letter to MIF customers.


MIF can offer special assistance for those experiencing hardship.
For customers who need emergency access to their funds at this time, we can provide no-penalty access to term deposits.
For congregations and other ministries that need assistance with loans, we are prepared to offer such relief as:

  • Deferral of loan payments
  • Interest-only loan payments
  • Loan modifications
  • Lines of credit
  • Expedited emergency loans for congregations and ministries
    The Mission Investment Fund, in collaboration with the ELCA Federal Credit Union, is sponsoring this emergency loan program to support congregations and other ministries that need assistance to continue operations at this time.  Program features include:
         -   Closed-end or line of credit from MIF or the Credit Union
         -   Loan amount:  Up to three months of operating income
         -   Loan terms: 24 months with four months of no payments at the outset
         -   Interest rate:  As low as 3.99%
  • Expedited emergency loans for individuals
    The Mission Investment Fund's financial partner, the ELCA Federal Credit Union, is providing emergency loans for individuals who need assistance at this time.  This loan program is made possible through partnership with and support from the Mission Investment Fund.  Program features include:
         -   Loan amount:  Up to $3,000
         -   Loan terms:  18 months, with three months of no payments at the outset
         -   Interest rate:  As low as 3.99%


Contact MIF. 
We are available for customer calls Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central time. MIF is monitoring our email daily, Monday through Friday, and will respond to email messages as promptly as possible.

  • Call us at 877-886-3522
  • Send email to                                            
  • Reach MIF Loans directly at
  • For information on emergency loans for individuals, call the ELCA Federal Credit Union at 877-715-1111 or email


Send deposits, payments and correspondence to MIF at this address: 
Mission Investment Fund
PO Box 31070
Chicago, IL 60631-0070


We encourage you to transact business with us via electronic means at this time. 
This results in faster processing and greater convenience to you.  


Our partner, the ELCA Federal Credit Union, is able to offer similar assistance to its members. To learn more, please visit


Please visit the ELCA's website for a list of resources and support during COVID-19: